In 1994 when Mosaic (and later Netscape) browser appeared, "KOLO Innovation Company" (where we all worked at that moment) signed direct contracts with several publishing houses about newspapers and magazines online publishing. That were our first experimental steps towards content transfer into Internet.

1995-1996 The information portal we built was one of the biggest in ex-USSR at that moment. We published some Kharkov- and Kiev-based newspapers, classifieds. Kharkov edition of "Yellow pages" was published as well as online data base of Kharkov enterprises and search engine for commercial partners. The first editions among our publications were newspapers "Vecherniy Kharkov" and "Segodnya" , Kiev newspapers "Kyevskie Vedomosti", "Daily Express", sports newspaper "Komanda" and entertaining one "Rozovyi Slon".

At that time for the portal creating we used: Postgres95, Perl, C++, Apache (beta version), programming and installation in OS Linux.

In 1997 we worked on creating ISP 'Vostok'. We developed a business plan, invited investors, worked out detailed development plans, trained staff, prepared three years term outlook.

In December 1997 we decided to create our own developers' group and since that time we have been working independently. Among our clients at that time were: Lika-Link, Ukrintel, internet department of the "Nebesnaya Set' company, Kharkov branch of Infocom. Our main specialization was database development - complicated projects integrated with external systems.

During ten years of work dozens of big and hundreds of small projects on creating complicated interactive websites with databases were incarnated. These websites were implemented for large corporations and relatively small companies. We experienced successful projects as well as unsuccessful ones. In any case eventually it was very helpful for our experience.

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