Strong sides.

We not only program.

Pre-project research.

Usually programming means narrow field of tasks - design and coding the system according to project requirements. Classic view on development means that final customer gives project requirements and company contractor estimates the volume of the work and discussing the project with customer creates the project.

Actually a lot of people have no idea what the final project should look like. That is why there is almost impossible to ask for project requirements on this stage.

Therefore we can start the work on this stage - stage without project requirements. This stage assumes that there are only business idea, intention and some sketches. We together with the customer develop the system by interactive steps. Prototypes and other methodology of real demands research are widely used on this stage.


As the matter of fact, projection and development is the one process, consisting of determination of a small tasks set , finding solutions for it, testing and further cyclic deep developmental work on necessary functions. Due to customer's involvement into forming of the task priority list, the whole project reflects the newest business ideas at each stage of testing.

Post-projection support, hosting, consulting on technical support.

We will not only create software we will host developed software on our or customer's servers. It is possible due to the net technology professionals of our team. Many of our developers have skills in system administration of OS Linux and FreeBSD.

Besides that we have experience in collecting and analysis of the statistics, methods of website usage optimization.

Quality is a project success guarantee.

After many years of work, several successful and unsuccessful projects we came to a conclusion that it is better to develop only those projects that we can do with the highest quality. Why? Actually we have noticed a tendency - when a customer prioritized other criterion (speed and costs), ignoring demands of high-qualty design and coding, the project 'died' very soon for some reasons. The most often reason is absence of adjusted project 'core'. After some time a project is tend to ruin under pressure of coding.

We are not ready to sacrifice quality to fast and only working raw project. We as a company are not interested in a burden of 'dead projects'. One can not boast about it, can not add such projects to Portfolio. It's just waste of time. We always try to show (and even can prove and assure) that only the work which was thoroughly and perfectly done is to be claimed. And what is important, if one planned everything correctly project takes less time and costs cheaper than a project made fast and without proper plan.

We are not perfect. Problems happen. This is human factor. We try to diminish our mistakes influence on the project result by elimination of defects on early stage of development. We understand that the less mistakes we do in planning and analysis the better we work on each detail of the project development and the more successful a project will be.

The main motto is "All bugs are fixed at once or in a short period of time". Permanent development and brushing up the code is the key for commercial success of any project.

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