1. Introduction
  2. Work plan and development details discussion
  3. Development server access


Being involved in this sector for many years we have worked out a set of methodologies which make easier and structure the whole process of development.

Works planning and implementation details discussion.

On the initial stage of work there is often unclear the functioning of the final system in details. But one should know how much time does the development take and what is the final cost of the project. These two conditions are conflicting, because we use special work methods. From one hand this methods allow the customer to plan the budget and from the other hand it gives us the exact work plan for project implementation.

In order to determine with technical requirements we discuss it from the very first moment. We offer the following:

  • Usually we meet the customer or get the project requirements from him by email.
  • After the initial discussion stage is over we enter the technical requirements to Wiki system for fast structure of the material and more detailed discussion of each question. Due to usage simplicity Wiki is the perfect tool for a technical requirement discussion.
  • After tasks of the first stage have been discussed in details, all technical requirements are divided into logically-independent tasks and added to task registration system (Bugzilla). Therefore the development process is transparent for the customer. We can report of implemented tasks and what is left to do at any stage of development.
  • During the project implementation we need to co-ordinate the details of implementation with the customer. Usually we use direct communication or phone, Skype and Instant Messaging (ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Google Talk, YIM).

Access to development server.

The first task of the project is creation of infrastructure of servers, accessible for customers and developers. We give the access to the development server with the current software version so that customer could see the changes and comment on the early development stages.

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