Halogen D.G. - sponsoring and participating in sport & entertainment game Flash-Cross 9

Halogen D.G. company sponsored sport & entertainment game Flash-Cross.

What is Flash Cross? Here is information from game organizers - (from official source):

Flash-Cross - is a sport and entertainment game. Its participants crossing the country (on roads, off road, small villages) on bikes, using self determined paths, to achieve the main targets, exactly:
- orientation elements - coming to selected place on the map - Control Point (CP);
- finding situated objects, shown on photo assignments, given on start
- quest elements - solving different puzzles, which are keys to location of required objects or CP location;
- making similar to assessment shots, similar to task requirement; (the requirement is to locate specified objects and exact perspective to make shots);
The amount of CP and assessment tasks is greater then abilities of single team to achieve it in specified time, so every team have to choose which tasks to do, in which order, to achieve the maximum result within the given time.
On finish, judges will mark the photos according to original requirement photos, calculate the totals per team and produce final ratings

95% Halogen D.G. team members use bike as second transport. (and other 5% have some plans to buy bike). We have been participating in a few recent games, as 2 independent teams: Halogen and Втулка..

We are very happy to participate in Flash Cross as both sponsors and participants, and looking forward for next games!

Why do we participate?

In our opinion, software developer must be:

  • Healthy
  • Being able to take adequate decisions in difficult situations
  • Morally stable
  • Able to work in team
  • Able to achieve targets

Taking part in games like Flash Cross makes our level higher, on all of described points. Additionally we learn a lot of good skills, like orientation by map.

Moreover, Flash Cross - is just a very fascinating game, the chance to do some cycling on nature, breath fresh air, and look to nice nature landscapes.

Alex V. Koval, CTO, Halogen D.G.

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