When you hired by Halogen - initial TODO list

As any company, even the small one like Halogen, you will need to do a few things before you get into line. There are a few procedures which we require to be completed for a successful collaboration. They are not difficult, but strictly required.

Instant Messaging

Register with all popular Instant Messaging protocols

Since we do a lot of communication with customers, and support of their servers, we require that all people are being available on demand. This does not necessary means that you have to be online all the time in all available protocols. At this step, we want to be sure that you at least can communicate.

Most popular IM protocols list

  • Jabber (you get this automatically with GMail account being registered)
  • ICQ
  • AIM
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • IRC - Have password protected account with any of servers

IM client programs

OK, we are experts in a O/S, support and programming. So if we have some self-esteem we should not come to situation when experienced UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD admin is telling that he can not chat with customer because his IM client program broke.

There could be many reasons why IM client stops working: invalid library upgrade, commercial vendor protocol change, invalid protocol implementation or changes. All of them would result in inability to communicate in a moment when its mostly required.

So, the typical requirement from Halogen is that you should maintain at least 2 different programs to communicate each of protocols.

Recommended IM client software

Email communication

Email is also very important communication media in our work. Although it does not require an immediate response usually, it is very bad when you send important EMail to a co-worker, communicate the other way (like call to ask to read Email), and the opponent can not read it so you have to find different media.

Email software requirements:

  1. You should be able to read your EMail from office, from Home, from internet cafe
  2. At least 2 different ways to access Email should exist. You should not rely in a single mail client present
  3. You should be able access and search your email archive

There could be a few different setups which would satisfy our requirements. For example, author of this article is using Alpine mail client, and Thunderbird client as a backup. Both can access mail via IMAP, so all mail is stored on company server and accessible from anywhere. Simple webmail client also available.

Another typical setup is to use Gmail account. It does provide a few ways to access it, including mobile phone.

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